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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day All ----- Blockheads -Good News and Bad News

First the Good News.
Lissa at Moda has said we can notify you that there will
definitely be a 2018 Moda Blockheads!!!!!

The exact details are being worked out, (yardage, block sizes, etc) but it is 
definitely a go and I am so excited.
So stay tuned on Wednesdays for further developments
and get your 2017 quilts finished if you haven't already.

Now, for the bad news (:

I have the Blockheads Basket Mini ready
but the hangers didn't get here in time.

Hopefully they'll be here by next week and we can have a drawing
for the little quilt and the hanger.

Meantime this is Summertime - one of my favorite
little wallhangings.
Aren't we all pretty well ready for Summer?

I know it's only Valentine's Day but I am definitely ready.
To help us along, we put the kit on sale for 15% off for a week.

Right now what I'm doing is putting Digital copies of all of the Lilac Ridge, 
Sycamore and Coral Bells quilts in the store, slowly but surely.

Well, back to work.
See you next Wednesday - hopefully with a 
Blockhead Mini Quilt and hanger to give away.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Moda Blockheads- Backing up a bit -Block #10

Basket & Flower
by Me
If you've recently joined you can download
the pattern by clicking here.

This was my second block.  Originally I didn't show people
the steps I take to appliqué each block - mainly because I thought 
they already knew.
But as the Blockheads progressed I realized a whole 
lot of people didn't -  so I started doing blog tutorials.
I also have You Tube tutorials and you can
see my YouTube tutorial on baskets, handles 
and flowers by clicking here.

I did blog tutorials for each block except the first 3.  To do a tutorial I had to 
make another block and if I was going to make another block I might as
well turn it into a Mini Quilt.   So that's what I did.

And today, since we finally got our new store in some kind of working order we're having a celebration sale.  Use the code Eureka15 to get15% off storewide.
You can go to the store by clicking on the picture in the top left column.  (We still have
a few bugs to work out so please bear with us.)

 Anyway, I decided to back up and do the first 3 Moda Blockhead blocks again 
so I will have the complete set of Blockhead Mini Quilts.
I didn't have time to get one done for today but the
next 3 Wednesdays I'll do a Mini Quilt with hanger for the
Basket block, the Beeskep Block and the Flags Block.
And then each week you'll have a chance to 
win a free kit for the Mini Quilt.

Meantime I can tell you about this awesome article Dana Jones wrote about me
for The Quilting Company.  It was great of her.  Thank you so much Dana.

This is Pleasant Gove Primer, a teaching quilt I designed 
using my Sycamore Fabric line.  
Last summer I drove to Golden, Colorado and filmed a set of tutorials
teaching Needleturn Applique and the class was released on February 2nd.
Dana wrote the article for their website.  You can read it by clicking here.  
You can also sign up for the class either there or by clicking on the top box
on the left column.

Well, I'd better stop blogging and get to work sewing :)

Have a good week ladies.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Block #48 - - - "Last but by no means Least"

Carrie Nelson

You can go to her blog to download the pattern 
by clicking here

Now for the second stage - The setting.

Here is what I have decided to do with mine

To download the pdf with measurements, etc. click here.

And for a sneak peek at the colors and fabrics .............

Oh - and another fun thing I've been working on

My Feathered Star SAL
Size: 88 x 100”
Designed by Jan Patek                        Sewing by Norma Whaley
Quilted by karen Morgan

Come join me with Julie Kursave and Trish of Attic Heirloom Quilt Shop 
as we make this awesome quilt.
Click here to get information.

Now lets to see what the other designers did with Carrie's awesome block 
and see what their setting ideas are.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for more Blockhead news.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

And today it's 47! which is

Starry 9-Patch
Lisa Bongean

Go to her blog by clicking here
to download the pattern for her block.

Now for the winner of the kit for the 
Cat and Dog Mini quilt
including the hanger.

The Random Number Generator
Amy who said

"Oooh, I haven't finished the cardinal yet. And we only have one dog in the family who doesn't like cats. Hmmm, I'll use the star from your last Blockhead pattern, since he is the family prince."
Good thinking Amy.
If you'll email Tammy at and give her your snail mail address, she'll mail you your kit.
Pleasant Gove Primer

Do come join me in making Pleasant Grove Primer, 
a tutorial quilt for learning
Click on the words for details.
You can download the course which includes the pattern, buy a kit or use your stash.
If you register before Feb.2nd and use the code JAN10 you'll get 10% off.

Right now let's go see what the other's have done with Lisa's block.
Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Block #48.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

And 46 - Last one for me.

I'm definitely going to miss doing this each week.
It has become part of my quilting routine.

Block #46
Cat and Dog.

To download the pattern for Rufus and Dobby
(and for Dueces & Elizabeth)
click here.

I've gone over this with all of my recent blocks but since there are
still new people joining Blockheads, I'll go over the first few steps
and then refer you to my You Tube Tutorial on animals.  And as you
can see there's a cat block in my new teaching quilt - Pleasant Grove Primer.
Click on picture in the top box at the left for details.

To start making your block, trace the pattern on the matte side of
freezer paper and cut it out on the lines.

Iron the pattern shiny side down on your fabric.

Place the fabric on a sandpaper board and trace around the
pattern with a marking pencil.
This is your stitching line.

Cut the cat and dog out with about an 1/4" seam allowance.
Clip points and curves up to the drawn line.

Now I'm going to refer you to my tutorial on "And Kitty Makes Three" 
that covers how to appliqué animals - legs, tails, ears, etc. in depth.
To watch the tutorial, click here.

And here is the little Mini Quilt Kit that you can win if you make a comment
before Block 47
and the Random Number generator picks your number.

Or you can buy one by clicking here. 
I loved the Pieced Block hanger above the appliqué block.
Fits Blockheads perfectly, don't you think.

We do have a black cat named Dueces, a white bulldog named Elizabeth
a white cat names Rufus + a black Pembrook Corgi named Dobby.

Early last Fall I went to Golden Colorado to film a teaching series on
Needleturn Appliqué for The Quilting company.

 This is the Pleasant Grove Primer Quilt and it covers a lot of the
techniques and "challenges" you'll find in Needleturn Applique.
Click on the name or the picture in the box at the top of the left column to get the details.
One thing I really like about it is that you get to download the course -
 it's yours - so you can stop and go back over things as many
times as you wish.

If you sign up before the launch date of February 2nd 
and use the code JAN10
you'll get 10% off.

Now to back up to the Name for the 2018 Mystery Quilt.

There were so many good ones that as usual it was hard to pick
but I finally settled on
Midnight Garden.

Susanne, if you'll email Tammie at and
give her your snail mail info, your first block with arrive in February.

And for those of you emailing about the 2017 MQ Quilt, the last block,
assembly page and borders go out this month if it ever thaws
out enough for things to move - it's supposed to start getting
warmer here tomorrow so we should be good to go.

Now - lets go see what the other designers did with the cat & dog.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #47.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

45 - WOW

Double Dutch
Jo Morton

You can download the pattern by going to Jo's blog by
clicking here.

And I actually have time to answer the question this week.

"Do you have any exciting plans or adventures on your calendar for 2018?"

Yes - my 2018 Mystery Quilt that starts next month.

I love my Mystery Quilts.
They're always a BOM and I usually have time to make most of the blocks myself.

What I don't have - as usual - is a name for it.
So we'll have another "Name the Quilt" contest.
Make a comment and give me a name and I'll choose one before next Wednesday.
In return for the name, we'll ship the winner the pattern and fabric for a block each month.  
(We will charge for the borders).
International quilters, you can enter but we will have to charge you 
shipping each month- it's about 13.00 except for the borders.

For now, lets go see what the rest of the designers
have done with Jo's block.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #46 of the Moda Blockheads BOW when I'm up again :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

We're Getting there!!!!!

Lawyer's Puzzle
by Betsy Chutchian
made from my fabric line
Coral Bells

You can go to her blog to 
download the pattern by clicking here.

Since I've been busy hanging out at the hospital with Pep for 8 days and then doing Christmas 
I haven't had time to do many of the questions so I
thought I'd just pick one to answer today.

"How many quilts-projects did you make this year?  How many were for "work"?  How many were "just for fun"?"

How many is easy.  When Linda Brannock and I started quilting she told me "There's no use going to Market without 6 new patterns".  So that's what I've always done.  And since until this next year (I'm cutting back a little since I'm in my 70s) I've always designed 2 fabric lines that's 12 quilts (including wallhangings, table runners, etc.). Plus, of course miscellaneous other quilts that just came to mind.
And for years I also designed a Featured Fabric Quilt and a Mystery Quilt each year.  They were the large Queen or King size quilts.

That's quite a question and kind of hard for me to answer.
  It's hard for me to answer because making quilts for work is fun to me.  
I awaken every morning thinking "what do I get to work on today?"   I still do a Mystery Quilt each year and I think it's usually one of my favorite quilts because its a 12 month BOM which means I get to do a lot of the stitching myself.  One block a month is a breeze.

Sitting on my Lap App is what I'm working on today, 
1/2 of Block #12 of 2017 Mystery Quilt, "Country Blessings"
Size: 76 x 84

After I sew it to the Mini Charm Section which will complete the blocks,  
we'll do the borders and send it to Lori to be quilted.

And then I'll start on the 1st block of the 
2018 Mystery Quilt yet to be named
Size:  80 x 94

I've already ordered the fabric for the background blocks
and it came late yesterday.  

All of those Broken Dishes blocks will be scrappy
I'm really excited but
I had to make myself stay out of the loft 
because its hard to tear myself away.  I have to take 
Pep to Kansas City to the doctor for a check up today. 
He can't drive yet after his surgeries& he is more important than any quilt.

Oh. and if you want to join in on the fun, email Tammie at
The number of club members we can have is limited due to fabric.
It's around $30.00 each month which includes shipping 
except for the last month when we send a block and the borders.

Anyway, that was a heck of an answer.

Oh and one more fun project!!!
I just love doing the little quilts I started doing to demonstrate
my 6" blocks.  And I have found the most awesome hanger for the 
next one which is my last one.  I can't wait to start it.

Now - 
lets go see what the other ladies did with Betsy's block.

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #45 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.